My Top 5 Electric Car Picks:
#5 - The Myers Duo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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In the next five installments here I will be listing five of my favorite electric car models. Based on the pros and cons I'll outline, these are cars I would most likely buy given their availability and my resources (i.e., cash in my wallet).

Myers Duo

Number 5 is the Myers Motors Duo. The Duo is a nice looking car, much easier to take aesthetically than Myers' earlier model, the NmG. The specs on the Duo are also appealing. The basic 60-mile range should be plenty for my needs and the proposed base price of $22,500 after incentives is one of the best around. This car would mainly be for my wife's commute to work so the 2-person seating is reasonable.

Myers NmG

There are certainly some cons about this vehicle, but not many. The biggest negative is that it doesn't seem likely to ever see the light of day. The Myers web site has been taking Duo pre-orders for years and still states they will announce a price based on those orders on June 5, 2010. Well, folks, that date has come and gone and there are still no updates. What's going on over there guys? Give us some fresh news. Maybe I'll just give them a call and see for myself because if I could get some solid evidence this car is a go I'd pony up the $250 reservation fee today.

Stay tuned to learn more about my #4 pick, The Aptera!

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