Same Station, Different Fuel

Monday, September 30, 2013

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gas station

It's odd to me that existing gas stations aren't installing electric vehicle charging stations. EV's don't compete with gas cars for fuel now. By not providing charging facilities gas stations are losing business to the rapidly- growing EV market. Other retailers like Kohl's and Walgreens have seen the draw. When will BP, Shell, Texaco, Conoco and the lot add some charging infrastructure? I sure see a lot of commercials that the traditional energy companies are "researching green alternatives." Some quick charging stations on the usual corners would show me their money is where their ads are.

My understanding about gas sales is that most profit is made in the sales of convenience items. If I had the ability to stop at a gas station to plug in I would most certainly stop in for a cup of coffee or pack of gum, or maybe even something more expensive. I haven't stopped at a gas station for a long time now. I wonder if they would ever want me to come back?

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